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BYU-Idaho accepts most college level academic courses granted the courses are from a Regionally Accredited institution and are C- or higher. Transfer credit is NOT included in BYU-Idaho GPA and cannot be used to replace the grade of courses taken at BYU-Idaho. If a transfer course does not have a direct equivalency at BYU-Idaho, it may be granted elective credit.

BYU-Idaho will not begin official evaluations until official transcripts are received AND track assignments have been accepted.

To begin, simply select your STATE and SCHOOL from the dropdown menus below. Please note that if a course is not listed, BYU-Idaho either does not accept the course for transfer or the Student Records and Registration Office has not yet had the opportunity to evaluate that particular course. Equivalencies shown in the table are subject to change without notice.

Any questions regarding pre-evaluations, planning for upcoming semesters, or course availability, can be directed to Advising either by emailing or calling (208) 496-9800.